Press Release – Caucus 2016

Below is a copy of the press release issued recently on the behalf of the Mason County Democrats regarding 2016 caucuses, including how to register, the difference between our caucus and primary, and how to contact your local area caucus coordinators. See you on the 26th!



All across Washington State, Democrats will come together on March 26 to caucus for their preferred Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, or even declare they are undecided (Uncommitted). Voters support their candidate of choice, with each candidate being awarded the proportion of delegates that corresponds with their percentage of support. Delegates are also awarded at the County Convention on May 1 and again at the State Convention in Tacoma on June 18. Washington State’s allocation of 119 delegates and 7 alternates will go to the National Convention in Philadelphia on July 25.


Anyone can participate, but voting is limited to registered voters who declare themselves to be Democrats and those who will be eligible to vote in the General Election on November 8. If participation is not possible because of religious observance, military service, disability, illness, or work schedule, registered voters may submit a “surrogate affidavit” form no later than Friday, March 18. Forms may be downloaded from the State Party website. You can also find your caucus location and save time checking in by pre-registering on the State’s website You may also get information on our website at If you are not already registered to vote, you may do so from a link on the websites.


It may be confusing that we will also be voting in a Primary election on August 2. The Washington State Party has chosen to nominate their delegates who will vote for the Presidential nomination using the caucus process because the process gives Democratic voters a chance to have their voices heard in choosing the Democratic nominee for President and selects who will be representing those voters at the national convention.


The local caucuses will start at 10 a.m. on March 26. The locations are listed below with Precinct Committee Officers listed where we have them and the precincts that will be meeting at each location.


Grapeview School

822 E Mason Benson Road, Grapeview

Area Caucus Coordinator: John Piety, 427-8047

115, Grapeview – Kathleen Wray

116, Mason Lake – John Piety

117, Fair Harbor – Tom Farmer

118, Allyn – Craig Patti

125, Trail’s End – Diane O’Neal


Hawkins Middle School

399 Campus Drive, Belfair

Area Caucus Coordinator: Linda Thomson, 372-2529

119, Victor – Diane McLean

120, Belfair

121, Tiger Lake – Linda Thomson

122, Dewatto

123, Tahuya

124, Sand Hill – Jeff Gislason

126, Twanoh


Hood Canal School

111 N Highway 101, Shelton

Area Caucus Coordinator: Constance Ibsen, 898-3287

227, Union – Andrea Love

228, Skokomish – Roslynne Reed

229, Hood Canal

230, Cushman

231, Eells


Mary M. Knight

2987 Matlock-Brady Road, Elma

Area Caucus Coordinator: Adrienne Amar, 427-1651

232, Matlock

233, Dayton – Adrienne Amar


Olympic Middle School

800 E K Street, Shelton

Area Caucus Coordinator: Ross Gallagher, 426-6411

236, Airport

237, John’s Prarie

238, Limerick – Tamra Ingwaldson

301, Olympic View – Tracey Demiero

302, Downtown – Ross Gallagher

303, Angleside

304, Hillcrest

339, Callanan


Pioneer School

611 E Agate Road, Shelton

Area Caucus Coordinator: Sheri Staley, 427-6303

113, Pickering – Sheri Staley

114, Harstine

310, Agate – Mike Mosbarger

311, Oakland Bay – Pat Kevin

312, Timberlake – Ileana Victoire


Southside School

161 SE Collier Road, Shelton

Area Caucus Coordinator: Karen Sandberg, 426-5288

205, Bordeaux – Karen Sandberg

207, Kamilche Point

234, Kamilche

235, Isabella

306, Fawn Lake

308, Arcadia – Laurel Nelson-King

309, Mill Creek – Kathy Haigh


For further questions or information, contact the Mason County Democratic Central Committee at 360.427-2731.

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