Precinct Delegates: Where You Need To Be Next

To everyone who was made a delegate at our precinct caucuses last month, congratulations! You should have received a letter very recently instructing you on where you’re headed next, and what to prepare for. If not, here are the basics:

1. Here in Mason County, we do not have a separate Legislative District Caucus, so you will not need to be anywhere on April 17th. There has been some confusion on this matter, but rest assured, we definitely will not be having another caucus between now and the County Caucuses.

2. May 1st at Oakland Bay Junior High School, 1pm to 3pm, will be our County Caucus. There, you will represent your candidate if you were pledged to one during our second tier proceedings. The primary purpose of this caucus will be to elect delegates to attend the state convention and congressional district caucuses.

3. While these higher level caucuses are set to occur later in the year, for anyone wishing to become a delegate for the national convention, the deadline to submit a declaration of candidacy is May 6th at 5pm. The relevant form must be mailed, faxed, emailed, or hand-delivered to the state office in Seattle before this time. Further instructions can be found on the form accessible here.

For more detailed information, visit the state page at or access the convention guide here.

Best of luck to all of you hoping to move onto the next stage and to your candidates! See you in May!

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