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Democratic Values

We, as Democrats, place the welfare of the people as our highest priority. We believe in the values of community, dignity, equality, opportunity, fairness, tolerance, respect, and the common good of the world we share.
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Our MCDCC executive committee Officers for 2014.

Chair: Mike Mosbarger Vice-Chair: Adrienne Amar
Linda Amar Treasurer: Michael O’Day
State Committee Man:
Larry King State Committee Woman: Laurel Nelson-King
Parliamentarian: Janis Snoey Sergeant-at-Arms: Marilyn Vogler
Immediate Past Chair: John Piety Women’s Club President: Marilyn Sayan
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Mason County Democrats main goal is to get good Democratic candidates elected to local office and that takes money to accomplish this goal. We also want to educate and organize in the county to help citizens become knowledgeable about important local issues.
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Mason County Democrats believe in a participatory government that supports freedom of thought and expression, ethical behavior from our elected officials, and human rights for all people. We support quality public education, economic development that respects the worker and does not degrade the environment, full reproductive rights, taxes for the social good, and access to affordable healthcare for all.
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Mason County Democrats established bylaws under the Charter and Bylaws of the Democratic Party of the State of Washington.
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Resolutions of the Mason County Democrats.
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Privacy Policy

The Mason County Democrats may collect information, such as addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, from members and use such information to contact, provide informational materials, and to share various political communications.
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The 35th Legislative District Democrats meet on a Quarterly basis. Meetings are posted on Mason County Democrats’ website. Our mission is to promote and further the election and reelection of Democratic candidates to the Legislature from the 35th Legislative District, and to organize and conduct the business of the biennial district caucus.
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Washington State Democrats

I don’t often have the chance to go to a state Democrats meeting so it was wonderful to have it close to us in Ocean Shores last month. I had the privilege of meeting with and becoming part of the state Technology Committee.
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Listing of the state and federal elected officials with contact information.
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