Letter from the Chair: Mason County Caucuses

Letter from the Chair:

“Thank you, Mason County Democrats, for an enthusiastic show of democracy and civil discourse. Reports have been positive with a few minor glitches, which is to be expected
for a process that only happens every four years. Thank you to all the hard-working volunteers who made it successful.

Just under 1,500 people showed up at 7 locations: 191 at Grapeview School, 208 at Hawkins Middle School, 163 at Hood Canal School, 108 at Mary M. Knight, 305 at Olympic Middle School, 285 at Pioneer School, and 221 at Southside School. Precinct Caucus results are listed on our website www.masoncountydemocrats.com and the State Party’s website at www.wa-democrats.org.

It may be confusing to newcomers to the process, but in addition to the precinct caucus process, we will also be voting in a Presidential Primary election on May 24. Voters will choose either a Republican or Democratic Ballot, preventing cross-over voting. The Washington State Democratic Party selects their delegates to the National Convention through the caucus process. We are a grassroots organization and the process provides
interaction among Democrats in choosing their Presidential nominee.

Delegates from the Precinct Caucuses will go to the County Convention on May 1 at 1 p.m. Delegates are also awarded at the County level and again at the State Convention in Tacoma on June 18 at 9 a.m. Washington State’s allocation of 119 delegates and 8 alternates will go to the National Convention in Philadelphia on July 25.

Additional information is available at our office at 101 W. Railroad Avenue, Suite 1, in Shelton or you can call 360-427-2731.

Submitted for the Mason County Democratic Central Committee by: Roslynne Reed, Chair

Mason County Democrats
P. O. Box 1272
Shelton, WA 98584
(360) 427-2731 – office
(360) 877-0628 – home
mcdcc@hctc.com or rlee@hctc.com

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