Get Involved


There are many ways to become involved in Mason County Democrats.

Go to a Meeting
Perhaps the best and  first way to get involved is to go to a county party meeting of Precinct Committee Officers and Executive Committee members.  You will get to know the people who represent you, and you may want to serve as a PCO once you know what they do.  You will be introduced to the issues facing our county and learn about individuals and groups who are working to address these issues.

Become a member of the Mason County Central Committee.  You will have the opportunity to become personally involved in work that is important to you.

Join Now

Be ready to volunteer when an issue or a job interests you. You will meet others with similar interests.

Donate to support the work of Mason County Democrats.  Volunteering is one kind of donation.  Financial support helps all aspects of what we are trying to do here in Mason County.


Take Action
Support a cause that you feel strongly about by attending an event or forum hosted in your area or community.